Christopher is a accomplished portrait painter and award winning draughtsman currently based in South London and Wolverhampton in the west Midlands. Trained in the art of naturalism, Christopher’s portraits capture not only the likeness but also the essence of his sitters.

Having spent several years as a art tutor he decided to specialise in Portraiture after receiving requests from friends and family and has never looked back.


Music & Spirituality

21st May – 8th June 2018

Music and Spirituality is the first solo exhibition by figurative and portrait painter Christopher Hanson held at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning. The exhibition showcases a collection of recent paintings which draw on themes of Orisha practice and the role of music, in immersive spiritual experience.


  • Private View: 18th May 2018 6pm – 9pm 
  • The Last Poets – Understand What Black Is (album launch): 22nd May 2018 7pm – 11pm

The Last Poets were one of the earliest influences on hip hop music. Critic Jason Ankeny wrote: “With their politically charged raps, taut rhythms, and dedication to raising African-American consciousness, the Last Poets almost single-handedly laid the groundwork for the emergence of hip-hop.”

  • An Introdution to Orisha Practice: 31st May 2018 7p 9pm

Kesheniwa Aghaji works towards enabling a better and greater connection between African Descendants and the Divine African Spirit, their Ancestors, and the energies and vibrations beyond. Kesheni is an artist of African Classical Art in the form of spontaneous illuminated paintings. She conducts themed ceremonies, and the rite of Unfettering.Kesheni is a child of Africa and her Diaspora; and in “An Introduction to Orisha Practice” she is highlighting her reclamation of her Ifa heritage, presenting aspects of the Yoruba Divine Presence ‘Olodumare’ and a number of the Deities in the Ifa pantheon. Kesheni will carry out a libation to Esu. Participants are invited to join the offering by bringing sweets, candies (not chocolate), have a theme to bring to Esu, along with either a £1 or £2 coin.

  • Community Portrait Workshop: 5th June 2018 1pm – 3pm



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